Otherwise it would have typed AHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

Flashback to about 2008, when this company's workstations are all still running Windows XP and Office 2003, according to an IT pilot fish on the scene.

"One of our receptionists, who was known to be technology challenged, rang the help desk with an issue with her laptop," fish says. "We had no spare desktops at the time, so she used an old laptop instead.

"The problem of the day was that her computer was 'possessed' and was typing out everything she was saying in her Word document. She was very indignant about the whole deal, and insisted that her computer was out to get her.

"Confused, my colleague asked her to repeat the story, and decided to do a remote screen-sharing session to see what was going on. When he finally saw her screen, he understood what was happening.

"Sure enough, the conversation between him and the receptionist was being written down word for word, including what she was saying to him over the phone at that very moment.

"The receptionist had somehow hit the correct sequence of keys to activate the speech recognition option in Windows XP, and the feature dutifully added the dictated text to the Word document.

"My colleague had to mute his phone as he burst out in uncontrollable laughter."

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