Key things to consider before you switch to Windows 10

Microsoft has launched Windows 10, here are some things to consider before you jump on the update bandwagon

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Microsoft has started pushing Windows 10 updates, as the newest operating system officially launched last month.

However, the latest and greatest might not be the best fit for some organizations, and there are things that need to be taken into account before an update is rolled out across the enterprise.

Forrester Research believes Windows 10 will become the enterprise standard that Windows 8 did not, and it will help Microsoft retain its leading position in PC computing.

"However, Microsoft will face a long road ahead to gain Windows share in mobile," writes analyst Frank Gillett in research on the new OS.

"While it will win a growing share of enterprise tablet purchases, the plans for Windows 10 don't show enough potential to create a differentiated mobile experience that will draw developers and customers away from iOS and Android."

Following on Forrester's report, CSO spoke to several experts to get their opinions on Windows 10 and their thoughts on the key considerations that need to be made before an update is installed at home or in the office.

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