Review: Enterprise guide to Windows 10

windows 10 upgrade notification

Windows 10 is now available for consumers, but for IT executives thinking about enterprise deployments, here’s what the upgrade path from Window 7 or Windows 8/8.1 looks like.

The first step is to launch pilot projects this summer. For power users or bleeding edge companies that don’t want to wait for the full complement of Windows 10 enterprise features, there will be a fall release of Windows 10 Enterprise and Professional Editions.

If you’re waiting for the full-featured version, we’re talking fourth quarter of this year. And if you’re like many enterprises and typically wait until after the first patches and updates, then you’re looking at the first quarter of next year.

This review covers Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise and Educational versions. The Educational edition is much like an “Ultimate” release, with all of the features of the Enterprise Edition in a single user-form.

For IT execs, the two big questions are whether a migration to Windows 10 will break anything and whether it has enough new features to make a migration worthwhile.

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