Up your coding game with these 7 tips from great programmers

Experienced software engineers share their thoughts on what differentiates great programmers from good programmers and what it takes to up your coding game

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It's no secret there’s strong demand for software developers these days, and really good to great software developers are valued particularly highly.

What does it take to make the leap? To go from being merely a good software developer to a really good, or even great, software developer?

To find out, I contacted a handful of experienced software engineers and reviewed a number of online discussion threads on this topic to find out what the pros think differentiates great programmers from good programmers and what the latter can do to be more like the former.

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If you’re a newbie developer just starting your career or a grizzled coding veteran still looking to improve at your craft, here are a handful of things to keep in mind and tips to try to get yourself one step closer to becoming the next Richard Stallman, John Carmack, or Jeff Dean.

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