How to fix Hyper-V Cluster error 1196: Cluster Name failed registration

DNS bad key.

Here's another tricky issue you might encounter when working with your Windows Hyper-V cluster. When you first create your cluster, Hyper-V creates a Cluster network name resource for use in identifying your cluster via DNS. Commonly this is something like CLUSTER1 is added to Active Directory and appears as a Computer object. Likewise, a DNS record for the static IP address of the cluster is registered with AD DNS servers. If for some reason this Cluster network name resource fails to register successfully, critical functions like Live Migration may fail. 

Recently after a full shutdown and restart of our cluster while we upgraded our storage layer, our Cluster Name began failing to register with Event ID: 1196 

Cluster network name resource 'Cluster Name' failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason:
DNS bad key.

This was odd in that the Cluster Name was working fine for months beforehand.

dns Cypress North

The Issue

The main thing that changed after the reboot was the owner node of the cluster. The new owner was having a problem registering the CLUSTER1 resource with the DNS server, however for all other purposes it was reaching the DNS server just fine.

The issue, it turns out after days of forehead slapping, is that there were some additional external DNS servers specified on the NIC for that particular node - a remnant of its pre-cluster days. Your cluster node network interfaces should only have DNS records for your internal DNS server. While this didn't cause issues in most cases, for the purpose of cluster network name registration it was wreaking havoc. 

The Fix

First, check the NIC settings for each of your cluster nodes to make sure there are no external DNS records present. If there are, delete them.

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Next, ensure the A record for your cluster exists on your internal DNS servers in case they have been scavenged.

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Finally, repair your cluster name resource by bringing it offline via the Failover Cluster Manager and then running the repair operation (under More Actions in the same menu).

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NOTE: You can safely offline your cluster name resource without affecting any running virtual machines. 

Everything should come back online now and be error free. If for some reason you still have trouble, I've read other suggestions which say to add full permissions to the DNS record for the cluster to the Cluster computer object. 

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