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This contract IT pilot fish has mentored a whole series of fellow employees in Unix over the years, teaching them tricks for working around such problems as forgetting the root password.

"However, I always followed that up with a warning that if they used the tricks for anything naughty, I would hunt them down and expose what they'd done," says fish.

"Nobody dared to try anything like that until a couple years ago.

"Somebody I had taught Unix to made a mistake and took a live system out. He then panicked and, rather than admit it, he tried to hide what he had done and blame somebody else.

"I was asked to investigate. I could see somebody had tried to mask what they had done and even modified the system files to hide their efforts.

"But when I trained people, the one thing I kept back was that the way around I teach them also has its own logs -- which meant I was able to see exactly what he had done, including all the commands used.

"He was removed from the contract and not allowed to work on that customer again."

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