Windows 10 tips for small tablets

Small tablets can sometimes be more than a handful...

Installing and running Windows 10 on small tablets can be tricky, especially on those like the 7-inch Toshiba Encore WT7-C tablet:  It runs a 1.33 GHz Atom CPU, has 1 GB of RAM, and 16GB of HDD space.

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SD cards

If your tablet has limited storage space like the Encore, you will almost certainly need to augment its meager memory with additional storage before attempting to run the Windows 10 install. Try to insert an SD card into your tablet with a minimum 8GB of free space, or have a blank memory stick handy before running the upgrade.

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Consider unlinking OneDrive

As an avid user of OneDrive, I cringe thinking about the prospect of disabling this service on any of my computers or tablets. But, with the limited drive space and resources available on smaller Windows tablets like the Encore, disabling OneDrive is a quick and easy way to free-up drive space. And because OneDrive itself can be always be accessed via a web browser, unlinking the service on a small tablet pays off huge dividends, and is worth the inconvenience. 

So, to disable OneDrive, right-click its toolbar icon, select Settings, followed by a click of the Unlink OneDrive button.

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Use Disk Cleanup regularly

Another way to maximize free space on a small tablet is to use Windows 10's Disk Cleanup tool on a regular basis. And for those that have just installed or upgraded to Windows 10, be sure to run Clean up system files, this handy feature can free gigabytes of space, depending on the options selected:

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