Mozilla Firefox vs. Microsoft Windows 10 — FIGHT!

It feels like the good old days: Is Satya's Microsoft going back to the bad old ways?

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Mozilla Firefox honcho castigates Microsoft chief: CEO Chris Beard is lambasting his opposite number at Microsoft for Windows 10's inability to remember browser-choice settings.

His complaint centers around the user experience when upgrading to the new OS. It appears that Satya's crew decided—in their infinite wisdom—that all users should open the new Edge browser as the default.

It's also more "complex" for users to change it back to Chrome. Wait, I mean... back to Firefox. Um, yeah...

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers FINISH HIM. Not to mention: Here's how the Google Chrome team reacted...

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[Updated 6.52 am and 11.06 am PDT with more analysis]

Jack Schofield faire une pipe:

Mozilla's complaining [that] Microsoft's Edge browser becomes the default after an "in place" upgrade.

As Mozilla knows, Windows 10 users can change the defaults to whatever they want. However, [he] complains...that it's "confusing, hard to navigate and easy to get lost," [and makes] a lightly veiled threat of anti-trust action.

The default settings...also apply to Google and to many other companies who have so far refrained from writing whiny open letters about it.  MORE

And Steven "meta" Musil writes on the Web about the Web:

In an open letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard accuses Microsoft of hobbling users' browser choices.

Beard said that his company contacted Microsoft to discuss its concerns when it first saw Windows 10, but that its efforts "didn't result in any meaningful progress." 

Microsoft said in a statement that it was open to making adjustments based on user feedback. ... "During the upgrade, consumers have the choice to set defaults, including for web browsing. ... If we learn from user experience that there are ways to make improvements, we will do so."  MORE

Mozilla CEO Chris Beard shaves around the horse's mouth: [You're fired -Ed.]

Mozilla exists to bring choice, control and opportunity to everyone on the Web. ... However, with the launch of Windows 10 we are deeply disappointed to see Microsoft take such a dramatic step backwards.

After almost 15 years of progress bolstered by significant government intervention...user choice has now been all but removed. The [Windows 10] upgrade process now appears to be purposefully designed to throw away the choices its customers have made. 

Windows 10 falls woefully short, even when compared to its own past versions.  MORE

So Frederic Lardinois [insert your own stupid bacon joke here]:

Microsoft likes Windows 10 so much, it makes Edge the default browser...even when you’re updating. ... Unsurprisingly, Mozilla is not amused.

To once again make Chrome or Firefox your default, you have to open your browser of choice and go through a few steps. ... You can’t just click “Use Firefox as my default browser.” ... All that button will do is open up the Windows 10 default settings. For non-technical users, the procedure isn’t exactly self-explanatory.

Beard, who calls this an “aggressive move,” urges Microsoft to change its business tactics.  MORE

But Tom Warren is conflicted:

Mozilla’s fair as there are more steps to take to actually change your default browser and it will likely generate confusion.

It’s not exactly clear why Microsoft changed this behavior, but the company did justify it as a way to reduce "some of the unwanted noise that multiple prompts can bring." ... The reality is probably more security-related to ensure apps can’t hijack...settings, and also a slightly devious way to ensure Microsoft Edge remains the default.

Either way, it’s a user unfriendly change from Microsoft.  MORE

Meanwhile, lawl is one of many to note that Firefox's record ain't spotless:

I still fondly remember the days of Firefox 2.5. 

It feels like Mozilla is trying to shove more **** down my throat with every update. ... Revisiting about:config after every update gets really annoying.

The only thing Mozilla has going for them is that all alternatives are worse.  MORE

And DevonEwl breaks out the international regulatory popcorn:

Give your pals in the E.U. a call - I'm sure they're hankerin' for a new anti-trust suit.  MORE

Update 1: Sebastian Anthony chimes in with this deep analysis:

When you upgrade...with "express settings," it does indeed reset all of your default apps...file associations. Windows 10 does also require a bit more effort to set new default now pops open the full Settings control panel, forcing you to...find the right button.

If you click the small "customise settings" can keep your default apps...but the size of the button would seem to indicate that Microsoft wants most users to just click "use express settings". ... You have to click "customise settings," and a few pages later click another tiny, low-contrast button to actually change the default apps. Microsoft really doesn't want you to change [it].

Microsoft has defended its behaviour [but] also opened the door to possible change in the future.  MORE

Update 2: Anyway, who is this Chris Bear character? Neil McAllister obliges:

Beard has been Mozilla's CEO for one year almost to the day...just about six months [less than] Nadella. ... The previous Mozilla CEO, JavaScript creator Brendan Eich, resigned amid controversy over...a California [bill] that would have banned gay marriage.

Microsoft, meanwhile, has previously been criticized for herding Windows users toward its own browser. ... In 2009, it agreed to display a menu of browser part of an antitrust settlement with European Union regulators. ... The mandated period ended in December 2014.  MORE

And Finally...
Do you see Google whining about it? Not so much:

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