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Windows 10 has been one of the most anticipated Windows releases in Microsoft history -- especially given the issues with Windows 8, the result of Microsoft's decision to build an operating system that works on both touch and non-touch systems.

We're covering Windows 10 from every angle, including articles about whether to upgrade, reviews of the operating system, tips for getting the most out of it, troubleshooting advice, and plenty more. So consider this page your starting point for learning all there is to know about Windows 10. We'll be updating it regularly, so check back early and often.

Latest news

Patch bundles are the new norm for Windows 10

Customers can't untangle bundles to selectively avoid dangerous or troublesome security updates.

Windows 10 makes diagnostic data collection compulsory

Known as CEIP on earlier editions, Windows 10's 'Feedback & diagnostics' cannot be totally switched off.

Microsoft issues first hefty Windows 10 update

Pushes 325MB update to all Windows 10 devices; will be first test of WUDO.

Microsoft responds to Windows 10 privacy policy concerns

The company's official statements are right here if you want to read them.

Windows 10 commandeers users' upload bandwidth

Peer-to-peer service designed to deliver updates and apps to others switched on by default.

Should you upgrade -- and when?

Deep-dive review: Windows 10 -- worth the wait (video)

Microsoft makes up for Windows 8 by delivering a truly integrated operating system.

10 things you should know about upgrading to Windows 10 (video)

We offer some info on upgrading to Microsoft's new OS -- because it's not as simple as you might think.

Don't bother with Microsoft Windows 10 until you read this

This OS release might fix many problems and resolve some usability problems, but make sure you look before you leap.

9 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10 -- yet

Excited about the imminent release of Windows 10? You may want to wait.

Windows 10 is for suckers

The press likes to focus on shiny new things and the shiny thing of the moment is Windows 10. But jumping on the Windows 10 bandwagon now would be a mistake.

Windows 10 in the enterprise

Review: Enterprise guide to Windows 10

When to dive in, what new features will be available and how to avoid a messy upgrade.

Windows 10 hardening and enterprise security

Windows 10 incorporates a number of promising features that will greatly benefit corporate security officers in their attempts to secure and lock down their environments. These features come at a price, however, involving the purchase of the Enterprise version, and the inclusion of significant privacy concerns.

Business as usual for enterprise migrations to Windows 10

The new OS may sport a new servicing model -- constant updates and changes -- but companies will upgrade the way they've always done, analysts say.

10 Windows 10 migration issues you need to consider

Most companies plan to wait to upgrade to the new OS, and for good reason.

IT hears the siren call of free Windows 10 upgrades

Two-thirds of polled IT pros agree that the free upgrade makes them more likely to adopt the new OS.

More info

Windows 10 reality check: Separating fact from fiction

Licensing, upgrade paths, ‘Windows as a Service’ -- here’s the lowdown on common Win10 misconceptions.

Microsoft responds to Windows 10 privacy policy concerns

Official statements are right here if you want to read them.

Windows 10 picks up good vibrations, user excitations

Social media buzz measurements by Adobe peg Microsoft's new OS with a lower 'sadness' score than Apple's next OS X.

Focus turns to Windows 10 Mobile and Lumia flagships

Analyst confirms Lumia 950 and 950XL to run Windows 10.

Windows 10: Fact vs. fiction

We give you the straight dope on support, upgrades, and the state of the bits.

Patch Tuesday: Not dead yet

In absence of clarity from Microsoft, experts now lean toward Patch Tuesday's survival after Windows 10's regime change.

Windows 10's decade of support starts when customer begins using the OS

Huge change will eliminate traditional form of support -- with set retirement dates -- for all editions except Windows 10 Enterprise, says analyst.

Making Windows 10 was like 'ordering pizza for 1.5 billion people'

How Microsoft tackled the challenge of updating one of the world's most popular operating systems.

Windows 10 to run rings around customers

Microsoft talks up release cadence rings within the consumer-oriented Current Branch; promises at least one fast, one slower.


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