When policy meets practice, you know who wins

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This company's support techs install new Wi-Fi access points throughout the business -- with not quite the results management was expecting, according to a pilot fish on the scene.

"Many of the switches in the building cannot support power over Ethernet, so none of the access points were configured for POE," says fish.

"To ensure that the access points remain on all the time for appropriate wireless coverage, the company policy manual was modified to include a statement that '...policy [dictates] that all infrastructure items must be left on at all times.'"

"A sign was affixed just above all the power outlets where the access points were plugged in, presumably to ensure that the access point will have electric power 100 percent of the time. The sign says DO NOT UNPLUG this cord as it is part of the building infrastructure.

"The cords never do get unplugged. But as the access points do not have very long power cords, they are plugged into power strips to provide the needed length.

"And every night the building custodians perform one of their duties: turning off all the power strips that they see left on..."

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