Windows 10 patch KB 3074681 crashes Explorer

On Saturday Microsoft released yet another undocumented patch that's causing problems on some PCs, but a fix is said to be on the way

Windows 10 patch KB 3074681 crashes Explorer
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Oh the joys of steam roller patches. On Saturday Microsoft released yet another undocumented patch, and it's causing problems on some PCs.

Richard Hay at WinSupersite reports that "security" patch KB 3074681 crashes some systems. Here's how he describes it:

I have been able to confirm that attempting to disable an active network adapter causes the crash as does trying to uninstall a program from the Programs and Features>Uninstall or change a program. Explorer does restart immediately and returns you to your desktop without losing any of your open programs thankfully.

As of very early Monday morning, I can't replicate it on my Windows 10 test systems, but Mark Wilson at betanews has additional details:

I have also been able to confirm that opting to enable or disable an active network connection also causes the crash. Irritatingly, I found that I was able to disable the network adapter on my Surface Pro, but when I tried to re-enable it, the Explorer crash bug reared its head. Erk.

Two workarounds exist. To uninstall programs, use the Windows Settings app: Start > Settings > System > Apps & features. To get your network adapter back, Wilson's article describes how to run a Troubleshooter that restores things.

Hay goes on to report:

I was contacted by Gabe Aul, our Ring Master, directly and he has informed me that a fix is in the works for this and will be pushed out soon.

I've seen rumors of another "security" patch going out this morning, Monday, July 27. It isn't being offered on my PCs yet.

Of course, none of this is documented anywhere, except in a few blog posts and a handful of tweets.

Patching: Windows 10's Achilles' heel.

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