5 ways to save money on your cloud costs

Quickly estimate the cost of your cloud environment

Keeping track of your monthly cloud computing bills isn't easy. The typical bill is complex and made up of dozens of different factors, such as CPU core, storage units, RAM size and data transfers. Fortunately, there are online resources and services that can help trim costs by using a series of clever choices.

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Some of the services can fit into multiple situations, but your focus should be on the various ways you can cut your monthly bills.

Here are five ways to save money on your cloud:

1. Find the cheapest cloud provider for a particular workload size and duration

All of the cloud comparison services (see table) do a decent job of figuring out the answer to this question, with more or less detail. With the interactive services, you start off by specifying the size of your particular VM: CPU, RAM, disk, and operating system, and then they tell you what the monthly cost to operate that particular VM will be over a particular time period. In most cases, the comparison service tells you the name of the instance they chose to best match your particular workload that is used by the cloud provider, so when it is time to purchase that particular instance you know what to select.

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