Attention Amazon shoppers: ''Thank you, drive through''

Amazon drive thru: Headache for grocers?

Kiss your local grocery store goodbye. Reports report that Amazon is entering the bricks'n'mortar perishable food business, planning to marry online shopping with the efficiency of a fast food burger joint.

If traditional grocers aren't worried, they probably should be: Combine Amazon's rock-bottom prices and huge online presence with the convenience of a drive-thru. Add a huge one-click shopping order of Amazon competitiveness, and the end result might be too hard to resist.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers shop for groceries like it's Cyber Monday.

Today's humble blogwatcher is .

Nathan Donato-Weinstein rolls down the window to talk to "industry sources":

For decades, drive-thrus have served up everything from coffee to prescriptions...not to mention burgers and fries. Now Amazon...wants to add another item to the list: Your groceries.

The e-commerce giant is developing a new drive-up store concept...that will allow consumers to order grocery items online, then schedule a pickup at a dedicated facility.  MORE

David Murphy makes a list, and checks it twice :

Before you start writing up your shopping list...know that Amazon's model is likely to differ a little bit from the drive-up experience you're probably used to. ... You won't be ordering your groceries at the store itself, or while idling your car in the world's biggest queue.  MORE

And Dante D'Orazio stays at home to shop:

Amazon already has a fairly significant presence in the groceries market. [It's] run its AmazonFresh delivery service in select, densely-populated metropolitan areas for a couple of years.

The service can also be seen as an expansion of Amazon Locker, which lets you have items shipped from Amazon [to] locations and other stores around town for pickup at your convenience.  MORE

But John Ceballos prefers to wait and see if this thing catches on:

Amazon might try a drive-thru grocery store in Silicon Valley. Wonder if the idea could catch on nationwide.  MORE

You had Peggy Binette at 'drive-thru':

Drive-thru groceries? Yes, please.  MORE

Meanwhile, let's hope Trevor Talbott isn't talking about computers:

"Just heave the apples in the back seat! I unrolled the window!" Amazon Supermarket Drive Thru Customer.  MORE

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