The top programming languages of 2015

IEEE's annual ranking of programming languages reveals the most popular languages to code in now

If you want to learn to code or are considering a new programming language, it helps to know which languages ar most popular now. Greater popularity usually means more support from fellow programmers and also more job or project opportunities.

Tech professional association IEEE has weighed and combined 12 metrics from 10 data sources (such as GitHub and CareerBuilder) to rank the popularity of 48 languages and reveal the current top 10.

The top 5 languages are the same as last year and probably will not surprise you. In order: Java, C, C++, Python, and C#.

R, a statistical computing language, however, has moved up quite a bit, thanks to the growing importance of big data, and C is getting pretty close to knocking Java off for top spot.

Here's the top 10:

top programming languages 2015 IEEE

There's an interactive version you can use to adjust the metrics weightings and filter things like only mobile or embedded development over at IEEE. Access to that costs just under a buck ($0.99).

In any case, you probably can't go wrong learning Java or C.

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