Apple car rumors shift into overdrive, on high-octane auto exec hires

A zero-emissions apple vehicle, yesterday

If today's cars give you a case of sticker shock, just imagine what you'll feel when you see the price of an Apple automobile in your local showroom. That is, if Apple's rumored plans to make its own brand of car come to fruition. [You're fired -Ed.]

An auto industry executive reportedly hired by the pomaceous company has only helped rev these rumors even closer to the redline.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers can't wait for planned auto-obsolescence. Not to mention: Twitter is "the opposite of democracy"...

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Tyler Lee finds a self-starting manager:

Could Apple be working on an electric/self-driving car of their own? It...could be toying about with the idea, but a recent hire of Doug Betts who used to be the manager for Fiat Chrysler's global quality efforts seems to have fueled the rumors that Apple is indeed working on such a vehicle.

That being said, it is entirely possible that Bett's hire could be for something else entirely. He did hold a managerial position so...his skills could be used for non-car-related projects at Apple.  MORE

Swiss made robo-cars arrive on time for Rajesh Pandey:

In addition to Betts, Apple also hired Paul Furgale, considered as one of the leading autonomous-vehicle researchers in Europe. Mr. Furgale was the deputy director of the Autonomous Systems Lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and has in the past worked on self-parking vehicle technology.  MORE

So Juli Clover mercilessly poaches talent:

News of Apple's car project, code-named "Project Titan," leaked in February, but details on the top secret effort remain scarce. Apple reportedly has hundreds of employees working on developing an electric vehicle and has been recruiting talent from the automotive industry and other car-related fields, poaching employees from companies like Tesla, Ford, and GM.  MORE

And Chance Miller shocks us with Tesla statistics:

Furthermore regarding hires for its electric car team, Apple has been in an ongoing poaching war with Tesla. Although earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk pointed out that his company has poached 5 times as many employees from Apple as Apple has from Tesla. Musk also commented that he "hopes" Apple will enter the car market.  MORE

Meanwhile, Dieter Bohn makes interesting choices:

Betts, though, is an interesting choice if you just look at how he left his last job: amid problems at Chrysler. Betts was the "global head of operations - product and service quality" for the car company, yet left Chrysler in October of 2014 after it received poor quality rankings in Consumer Reports. It should be said, though, that Betts faced a tough task trying to improve quality ratings at Chrysler.  MORE

And Finally...
The much-underrated Jon Ronson digs into the ugly side of social-media mob culture [with some NSFW words, natch.]

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