5 cool Apple Watch features you should use

Some things you may want to try with your Apple Watch

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Apple TV

If you own an Apple TV you should grab the few seconds it takes to use your Apple Watch to control it. Set up is simple:

  • Install and launch the Remote app
  • Tap Add Device and you’ll be shown a passcode
  • Switch on your TV and tune in to your Apple TV
  • Go to the Home screen and choose Settings
  • Select General and click Remotes
  • Click on Select to Add where it appears beside the name of your Apple Watch
  • Enter the passcode from step three and click Done.

Now ask: “Why isn’t Apple Music on Apple TV yet?”

And a Mac or PC

You can control iTunes on a Mac or PC using Apple Watch.

  • Open the Remote app on Apple Watch, then tap Add Device +.
  • On your computer in iTunes you must then click the Remote button that appears near the top of the iTunes window (near where the iPhone or iPad icon appears when you sync)
  • Enter the four-digit code displayed on Apple Watch.


You receive Maps directions on Apple Watch. These come in two forms, on-screen and haptically in the form of discernible taps on your wrist.

Launch Maps (easiest way is to say “Hey Siri, launch Maps.”) and you’ll see your current location on the screen. You can zoom in and out using the Digital Crown or pan around the area using your finger.

To search for another location Force Touch the display and you’ll be presented with two choices: ‘Search’ and ‘Contacts’. Choose search and you’ll see ‘Dictation’, and ‘Favorites’ as well as a list of places you’ve recently searched for. Use Dictation to search for a location and you’ll be given the location and other pertinent information. Now choose Walking or Driving directions and Apple Watch will guide, tapping your wrist to direct your journey and providing an estimated time of arrival in the top left screen.

  • A steady 12 taps means turn right
  • Three pairs of two taps means turn left
  • You’ll feel some vibration when you are close to your destination
  • You’ll feel a second vibration once you arrive

Call control

Most Apple Watch users have taken a call on the device, but I wonder how many have used its other call management features. Here’s what to do:

  • When a call comes in turn the Digital Crown to scroll down.
  • You’ll see two options, ‘Send a Message’ and ‘Answer on iPhone’.
  • Tap ‘Send a Message’ to send a text message to the caller, you can use a preset reply, dictate a new one, send audio/an emojji or switch to iPhone for a longer message.
  • Tap ‘Answer on iPhone’ to place the call on hold while you grab your iPhone (your caller hears a repeated sound until you pick up).

NB: You can also mute incoming calls by pressing the palm of your hand on the Watch display and holding it there for three seconds, though you must enable ‘Cover to Mute’ in the Apple Watch app on iPhone first.


Siri is super useful on Apple Watch. Not only will it launch apps using normal expressions such as “launch” or “open”, but you can ask it to turn on Airplane Mode, “set a reminder [for a specified time}”, Play {specific track] or ask it for weather forecasts. Want to find out what else Siri on Apple Watch will do? Say “Hey Siri, what kind of things can I ask you?” and you’ll receive an extensive list.


You can even control Keynote presentations on iOS or Mac using Apple Watch.

Some analysts don’t think the Apple Watch does enough. They are entitled to think what they wish, but I believe the things the smartwatch can achieve today are just a reflection of what it will become capable of. As we close in on watchOS 2 this really is a question of "Watch this space".

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