Great Data Thinking – What’s Next for Cloud, Big Data, IoT, Hadoop and Beyond

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During the past three months, Informatica has had an opportunity to engage with Computerworld readers in a unique way and share our perspective about how organizations are transforming their businesses with truly great data. And, there have been some great topics:

There is one consistent thread in all analyses and that is data is at the heart of every organizations’ competitive advantage today.

It sounds so simple: put data at the center of all your processes, tools and decisions and a company can be successful. But, data has proliferated exponentially and, with each passing day, we become awash in more data – from social media, to email, to multiple applications, etc.

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com, really brought this home, when he stated at Dreamforce that “90 percent of the world’s data was created in the last two years.” Are you prepared for the “data tsunami” that’s expected to come in the next two years?

In addition to the overall proliferation of data, there are more technologies at our disposal that claim to help you better manage, organize and visualize this data. New technology advances are wonderful, but organizations can be overwhelmed with choices and are left with data silos and systems that don’t talk to one another.

So much for that competitive advantage of moving to the next, greatest technology solution.

The competitive advantage that Informatica provides our customers is the ability to break down silos and harness the power of great data. Maybe it’s in that 30-year-old mainframe; yes we can help you access and protect that. Do you want to understand how to optimize your supply chain through the use of data? We can help with that too. Are you looking for a 36-month historical view of who moved, transformed or touched sensitive data? We can do that. How many others can claim that they are database and application agnostic when it comes to working with data? Informatica can!

So, we hope that you have enjoyed reading more about Informatica’s thoughts on “all things data” and organizations around the globe, just like yours, can make the most of their data.

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