Windows 10 -- download full version, before release date (RTM build 10240)

if(GetVersionEx(&v) && (0 == v.dwBuildNumber % 16)) { toldyouso(); }

Yes, you can get the Windows 10 "RTM" build, right now, for download, even before the release date. Build 10240 is the final, full version. It's available for update, but you can also get hold of the ISOs (even though Microsoft doesn't want you to).

Of course, there will be additional patches released before July 29, just as with any Windows release. But there are plenty of indications that this is indeed the proper RTM build. Not the least of which is the build number itself, because it's divisible by 16. Told ya so.

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Is it really the RTM? Tom Warren rabbits on: [You're fired -Ed.]

Sources [say] Microsoft...selected build 10240 as the final release to manufacturing (RTM) copy, allowing PC makers to start loading the software onto new machines.

Microsoft will first roll out build 10240 to its Windows 10 testers, and the company is now focused on patches and fixes that will also roll out alongside the OS a new model that will see Windows act more like a service. In the future Microsoft will be updating Windows 10 regularly, especially the built-in apps.  MORE

And Brett Howse agrees that this is it:

One obvious change that signals this is not a typical beta build is that the Windows Version watermark in the bottom right corner of the screen is now gone. Another point to make is that this build has been released to both the fast and slow rings at the same time.

[It's] two weeks until launch, and the RTM build...will be shipped to OEMs to use as the basis for them to install on new hardware. ... Up until now every new build has been a full install of Windows overtop of the existing one [but now] it will likely shift to a Windows Update style where just components are updated rather than the entire OS.  MORE

But what if you want to do a clean install? Bogdan Popa pops in to help us out:

Unfortunately, no new ISOs have been provided [because] it wants insiders to try out the upgrade path.

Fortunately, the ESD files that Microsoft uses to ship these new builds allow anyone to create new ISOs. [Click] to get either the x86 or the x64 ISO in English:  DOWNLOAD

Is Adam Plante a plant?

The cool thing about the feedback is that they actually listen. With each new build you see fixes and new features directly from the feedback. I was very anti windows until I checked out the Windows 10 beta. It is that good.  MORE

However, an annoyed Razi Zulkepli hopes for more patches soon:

Hard to believe this is finalized build while there are still some of most annoying issues unresolved.

Defender isn't actually updating from windows update until you manually click update on its actual software interface.
IME caps/kana button is using black text on black taskbar.
Welcome text overlap with password box when you enable autologin.
Username will revert to online account name during login when you change it in netplwiz.  MORE

Meanwhile, Ed Bott has been reading the legalese in the updated license terms:

Sorry, conspiracy theorists: The new documents are simple and straightforward...put your tinfoil hats away.

Microsoft has finalized the terms of its license agreement. ... I've had several days to study the documents in detail. ... There are no surprises, no gotchas, and no hidden subscription traps. [The] new "Windows as a service" model doesn't change the basic licensing terms for Windows. ... In fact, [it] is simpler and written more clearly than any similar document I've reviewed in 20 years.  MORE

Update: Gabe Aul merely hints at what's going on behind the scenes:

We are releasing a new build. ... This build is one step closer to what customers will start to receive on 7/29.

[It] will only be available through Windows Update. ... Remember that you’ll need to be logged in with your Microsoft Account. ... Over the next 2 weeks you’ll also see some Windows Updates and app updates in the Store.

We’re all working super hard here...preparing everything that needs to be in place. ... This is going to be an exciting couple of weeks. ... Stay tuned least one fun surprise for Windows Insiders.  MORE

And Finally...
No Man's Sky -- The Horrible Truth
[probably a bit NSFW, but childishly hilarious]

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