Job outlook: Starting salaries for recent computer science graduates

This infographic based on a survey of recent college graduates demonstrates just how much the job market loves computer science majors.

Looksharp, a marketplace for internships and entry-level jobs, recently published its annual State of College Hiring Report for 2015. The report was based on a survey of 50,000 U.S. college students and recent graduates this past April about their experiences with recruiting for internships and full time jobs. Respondents shared information and opinions on a variety of aspects of their job searches, including their job statuses, expected vs. actual starting salaries, and preferences about their desired employers and jobs.

While the survey covered students who studied a variety of majors, ITworld obtained additional data from Looksharp specific to students who majored in computer science. The results are presented in the infographic below which reinforces the notion that computer science students are in demand - and they know it.

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