Can you see me now?

This company uses a microwave setup for links in its wide-area network, and that has worked fine -- at least in the past, says a pilot fish at the telco that manages the system.

"We started having a strange problem during the day: The signal kept getting broken," fish says.

"As usual, everybody blamed everybody else. In the end, the simplest investigation was to walk the line.

"Everything looked fine and nothing appeared to be blocking the signal. There was a new office building well away from the microwave line-of-sight, so it should not have caused any issues.

"However, we discovered that when a new piece of the prefabricated office was being lifted into place using a crane, it cut across the line-of-sight of the microwave and broke the signal. This was what was causing the communication issue during the day.

"This part of the build was finishing that day and so no further action was needed. However any future planned building work will be checked first to ensure the crane doesn't cause similar issues."

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