Apple iOS 9 free download is here [but beware bad bugs]

Tim's crew cook up public beta for iOS 9, but it's still cut with bugs

iOS 9 download free Apple AAPL

The Apple iOS 9 download is now free, but don't forget that it's still test software. Yes, Cupertino opened the beta program to non-developers, so you no longer need to fork over $99 to get the latest software on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

But do heed the dire warnings of buggy doom. Beware the Ides of July: iOS 9 Beta 3 might be a turning-point in your use of iOS, but you could also get stabbed in the back.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers ignore Spurinna's warnings and get stuck in. Not to mention: Who saves people? He does...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.
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Sarah Perez and Greg Kumparak tag-team to tittle-tattle thuswise: [You're fired -Ed.]

Apple is making a beta of...iOS 9, available to the general public...alongside the beta version of OS X El Capitan. [They] will allow early adopters to try out upcoming features.

Up until this point, [iOS 9 has] been available as a developer beta, which was buggy as all heck. ... With this release, the beta goes free for all [but] there’s likely still plenty of bugs and crashes abound.  MORE

And Andrew Cunningham sits on it:

iOS 9 is mostly focused on polishing up...iOS 8, but there are still new things for people to play with. 

It includes a more versatile version of Siri that responds better to natural phrases...and can present information more proactively. The Notes app is better at adding and organizing. ... Maps picks up public transit directions. ... A new News app lets users get a specially formatted, customizable stream of news. ... iPhones also get a new Low Power Mode that turns off some background services.

iOS 9's biggest changes are reserved for newer iPads, which get some long-rumored multitasking features. [But] the iPad Air 2 is the only tablet that...can run two apps side-by-side.

Remember: If you have to ask "should I install this" you probably shouldn't. [But] you can always revert to iOS 8 if things go should hook your device up to iTunes and create a full backup. ... Check the "encrypt backup" box, it will back your account passwords up for you too.  MORE

So Juli Clover has more detail, from deep within her lawn:

The [iOS] beta is feeling faster, more polished, and more full featured.

The News app offers up a curated list of news stories based on each user's preferences and interests. ...
iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan include an entirely revamped two-factor authentication system. ...
App folders on the iPad now display apps in a 4x4 arrangement. ...
There are new folders for selfies and screenshots in the Photos app. ...
A new stream music at the highest quality while using a cellular connection. ...
When swiping downwards...Siri App Suggestions are now displayed. ...
A new setting to toggle on/off access to the News app. ...
The option to turn off Apple Music Connect is gone.  MORE

But Rene Ritchie rants, "Don't be a jerk":

It's time once again to gently remind everyone...that Wheaton's Law is in full effect.

Public betas, like the developer betas, aren't sneaky ways to get the finished, release quality software. ... There will be bugs. There will be compatibility issues. There will be frustrations.

That's why Apple advises against installing the beta on your primary iPhone or iPad. ... You really should listen to that advice. ... Don't complain that Apple ruined your iPhone or iPad. [And] do not leave bad reviews for apps that don't work properly with the beta.  MORE

Meanwhile, Buster Hein... has heard all the gags before, so don't even bother:

To get the beta on your device, head over to Apple’s public beta website. ... You can download and install iOS 9 on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch by manually restoring it in iTunes.

If you can’t get a taste of the future of iOS, backup your device and take the plunge.  MORE

Update: Shaun Nichols gives iOS 9 Beta 3 a spin:

[It] is a solid, if not monumental update...nothing too earth-shattering for most users.

[It] is not without a few bugs. ... We found that the News App in particular was prone to crashing. ... Siri has been updated [but we] found this to be hit or miss...not particularly accurate.

In all, iOS 9 is looking pretty good for a product still in development [but] very much still a beta release. [So be] sure you want to deal with the bugs.  MORE

And Finally...
He is The Doctor. And he saves people.

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