7 freshly revealed iOS 9 improvements

Yet more iOS 9 enhancements revealed as public beta looms

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Apple suppliers are being asked to manufacture 90 million units of the next-generation “Force Touch” iPhone. But these devices are more than just the physical product; there's also the software inside. With that in mind, here are the latest new features you’ll find in iOS 9 as revealed in the latest (third) beta release.


In a mobile world, Apple recognizes the need to protect user privacy and deliver security. The latest (third) iOS 9 beta introduces a new and easier-to-use two-factor authentication system. This will mean that anyone trying to break into your iPhone will need to enter a verification code as well as a six-digit pin. The company also intends introducing a new account recovery procedure for users who forget their password. “Simply provide a verified phone number where you can receive a text message or phone call regarding your account. Apple will review your case and contact you at the number provided when your Apple ID is ready for recovery,” Apple claims.

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Apple Music is off to an incredibly strong start and it seems likely many of us will become tremendously addicted to using the system. The problem with Apple Music so far is that you have no control over music quality – you get the best quality streams only over Wi-Fi. In iOS 9 those of us with a good cellular connection and an all-you-can eat deal will be able to enable a new “High Quality on Cellular” option in Settings. This will enable the best quality streams on cellular connections – and will in the future enable networks to offer “All Music” deals in which quality of service and bandwidth rates will be guaranteed for music streaming for an extra fee. (This is going to happen at some point.)


Are you taking selfies? iOS 9 introduces a dedicated Selfies Album folder within Photos on your iOS device. This folder will gather any image captured using the front-facing camera. The release also introduces a new Screenshots folder in which all those images of your iPhone display will be quietly collected.


iOS 9 will display Siri search suggestions if you swipe down to do a search and Siri can be set to vibrate rather than make a sound when you are in ‘Silent’ mode.


iOS 9 introduces a 4-x-4 icon grid in folders on iPad, translating into the ability to stash up to 105 apps inside each folder.


The Apple News app also appears inside the latest iOS 9 build. When you launch the app you’ll be asked to select three or more content sources – though for simplicity’s sake you may want to focus only on a handful of choices you really need. News from these sources can then be delivered via the News Screen, which also offers a For You section of customized choices. The Android news section is also…illuminating.

Home Sharing

Apple “is working” at reintroducing Home Sharing within iOS 9.


We should all be able to get hold of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan soon – Apple claims its new two-factor authentication system has been explicitly designed for the "the public betas of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan." The company has previously promised to begin public beta testing of the updates in July with final release this fall.

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