Yes, but WHICH ONE?!?

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Company hires this mid-level sysadmin, and he seems like the perfect guy for the job, according to an IT pilot fish on the scene.

"He interviewed really well and was able to respond to technical questions appropriately, either with an answer or how he'd go about finding the answer," fish says.

"So imagine my surprise when he started -- and seemed lost by some pretty simple issues.

"Case in point: an email I just received from him:

"In your initial email, you mentioned the installer script would reinstall/cleanup remnants of the tool, but that script does not seem to be initiating a re-install. It only deletes remnants and shows the message 'Installer not found in current directory, you'll need to copy it or run it manually.'

"The installer folder on the setup install disk provides instructions for a reinstall, but it seems outdated. What process do you usually use to reinstall the tool manually?

"My response: Copy the installer into the current directory? Or run it manually?

"I'm watching the management dashboard, hoping and praying that this task doesn't wind up being too daunting."

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