Watch people code in real time online and learn some programming tricks

Coders are streaming their work on You can learn for free or stream your own work to keep you focused

If you're interested in seeing how other people code or want to stream your work live, might be right up your alley.

The site streams professional and hobbyist coders' screens as they code projects. Because it's live, you get to see or share detailed programming decisions, tools, and sometimes shortcuts as users work.

A wide variety of programming languages and project types are covered, in English, German, Portuguese, and other languages. Besides the programming language and country filters, hannels are ranked according to beginner, intermediate, and expert levels, so you can find the content most suitable for you.

According to an article on fossBytes, about 40,000 people has so far signed up on the site since it launched in beta in February--a good amount of interest for something that sounds a bit bizarre (but, hey, there are thousands of people watching other people play video games online, so why not do this with programming?). 

Deciding to stream yourself coding could also have benefits. You'll be less likely to switch to Facebook or your email during the recording, limiting your distractions immediately.

In any case, Livecoding is an interesting way to connect both beginner and advanced coders who want to take their coding to the next level.

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