How to use threat intel to boost mobile security

threat detection intelligence alert
Stephen Sauer

Security pros are recommending that companies integrate threat intelligence -- the real-time sharing of intelligence information about cyber security threats and malicious applications -- with mobile device management platforms in order to improve mobile security.

The first step, according to Larry Whiteside, Jr., chief security officer of the Lower Colorado River Authority, is to make sure you’re getting the same level of log information from your enterprise mobility management (EMM)/mobile device management (MDM) provider as you would from your desktop security provider.

“I can't see anybody who would have a Symantec or McAfee or even any of the new tools that are protecting desktops, and just say, ‘Yeah, just put your protections on there. We don't need to know what's hitting it. We don't need to know anything about what's going on. Just protect it and we'll trust you.’”

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