How to deploy tablets to your mobile workforce

Make sure you ask the people who’ll be using them

Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Michael Homnick

When Wakefield Canada, the exclusive distributor for Castrol in Canada, set out to replace the tablets used by their sales team, it went right to the source to figure out what to buy: The people who would be using them in the field. 

"A big part of this was really involving our end users in the tool selection," says Kent Mills, Wakefield Canada CTO. 

The company landed on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Here's why – and how they made an easy transition. 

Target the real customer

Even though the tablets would be used for sales purposes, the real customer here was the sales people who would be using the devices. The first question IT asked was what didn't they like about the devices they were already using? 

"Feedback from the salesforce was that tablets were nice but they were too slow to start up, heavy to lug around and they just weren't feeling like they were that convenient to use," says Mills. 

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