10 enterprise tools to suit your Office 365 needs

From migration to monitoring, third-party tools and partners help you make the most of Office 365.

Office 365 Support Ecosystem
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Office 365 is a rich solution, offering a bevy of built-in communication, collaboration, and productivity features. But the idea that Office 365 offers everything you might need, leaving nothing for third-party partners to add, is far from the truth. As with every other Microsoft product, a supportive ecosystem surrounds Office 365, providing meaningful and often customized ways to improve the overall Office 365 experience.

In my role as a consultant for Mimecast, which offers a bolt-on solution for Office 365 that provides additional security, archiving, and continuity features, I am often intrigued by the inventive ways third-party development companies enhance what Microsoft provides as a base in Office 365.

From migration to security to monitoring and beyond, the following 10 Office 365 support solutions show that a vital ecosystem of essential tools and services is rapidly evolving around Office 365. Become familiar with these and the myriad options radiating out from them to see how they might suit your particular Office 365 needs.

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