Enterprise financials in the cloud? Why the fog of skepticism may be lifting

Spreadsheets and email documents are a bigger threat than the cloud, says Forrester Research

fog lifting
flickr/Don McCullough

SAN DIEGO — The corporate accounting department is the last place that I expected to see cloud computing. Thoughts of “fiduciary responsibility,” “Sarbanes-Oxley,” “HIPAA” and “PCI compliance” float through my mind as Insight Software talked up its new cloud-based offerings at its HubbleUp 2015 user conference, held here in mid June. Attendees, largely from financial departments at large companies, lapped it up.

Insight Software is a well-known maker of reporting, analytics and planning software that integrates tightly with big ERP (enterprise resource planning) financial packages such as JD Edwards, Oracle eBusiness Suite and SAP. Traditionally, ERP packages and add-ons like Insight’s tools run entirely on-premises. The latest version of Insight’s software, rebranded as Hubble, is also available as a cloud-based SaaS offering.

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