Open Container Project forces forks to COMPLY

That's the wrong OCP, you idiot -Ed.

Docker and CoreOS declare virtual peace in our time. The newly-minted Open Container Project (OCP) is governed by the Linux Foundation, and brings together the main containerization and composability factions, with a who's who of vendors and users.

OCP aims to let users package once and run anywhere, with seamless deployment from development to production. The founding members are Amazon Web Services, Apcera, Cisco, CoreOS, Docker, EMC, Fujitsu, Goldman Sachs, Google, HP Enterprise, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Joyent, Mesosphere, Microsoft, Pivotal, Rancher, Red Hat and VMware.

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Neil "before Zod" McAllister gets chummy with OCP:

Docker [and] the Linux Foundation...create a new organization that will...manage open standards for application containers. [OCP] will maintain and develop a common container runtime and image format.

Joining Docker in the new effort is a cross-section of the IT industry, including Cisco, EMC, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Red Hat, and VMware. ... Also getting in on the act is CoreOS, which previously diverged from Docker.  MORE

Sean Michael Kerner squeezes the letters together: [You're fired -Ed.]

OCP ends months of speculation and debate in the Docker community about container specifications and unites the biggest backers of containers behind a common purpose.

The goal is to mend fences and find common ground to define a base specification...that will work across Docker, CoreOS and any other...container technology.  MORE

Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin is "extraordinarily excited" to be the new Cop:

We...witness first-hand every day the impact of open source, collaboration and neutral governance on the most promising technologies of our time.

Containers are one of the most important innovations in software development and today...The Linux Foundation will become the home of this essential infrastructure. ... Containers make it easier than ever for developers to build applications quickly right on their laptop and to reach Internet scale on any combination of public and private cloud technologies. ... Containers are the best way to create and share development environments. And...those environments can seamlessly be used in production.

That’s why we applaud...the other founding members of the Open Container Project, for taking the important steps to build a neutral and collaborative environment.  MORE

This anonymous Docker blogger would buy that for a dollar:

We are coming together to form a minimalist, non-profit, openly governed project. ... Docker will be donating both our base container format and runtime, runC.

It speaks volumes about our common desire to help unite the industry and to take the best ideas, wherever they originated, into something that provides the best outcomes for users. ... Getting such a broad group of people together to agree on anything is not easy.  MORE

CoreOS's Alex Polvi expresses the Prime Directives:

We are starting to see the concepts behind the App Container spec and Docker converge.

Users should be able to package their application once and have it work with any container runtime (like Docker, rkt, Kurma, or Jetpack). The standard should fulfill the requirements of the most rigorous security and production environments. The standard should be vendor neutral and developed in the open.

We are excited the industry is converging a format that combines the best ideas from appc, rkt and Docker to achieve what we all need to succeed.  MORE

Dead or alive, you're coming with Duncan Riley:

The combatants in the “container wars” have declared peace.

Under the deal, Docker is donating all the code for its software container format and its runtime. ... The group behind rival container standard the Application Container spec (appc,) headed by CoreOS but supported by Google, VMware, Red Hat and Apcera are said to be providing “technical leadership and support.”

[OCP] is definitely heading in the right direction, and with its openness, security, portability, composability, minimalism and backward compatibility, the announcement will be well received. ... The project aims to have its first draft specification published within three months.  MORE

Meanwhile, Matthew Case worries about Murphy's law:

Man, I was just thinking to myself "This ecosystem needs a bunch of major players in it to really slow everything down and increase the politics." Thankfully my wishes were granted.  MORE

And Ravi Gadde is worried about the other "OCP" -- no, not that one, this one:

Open Compute Project or Open Container Project. Running out of acronyms?  MORE

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