FACEPALM: Project Lightning turns Twitter into... something else

Is the blue bird taking lessons from Zuck?

Twitter TWTR Project Lightning

The Twitter they are a-changin'. Project Lightning promises more revenue, but less of the classic service.

Lightning is said to herald the social network's renaissance, by adding curated streams based on current events. That doesn't sound like Twitter to me.

That's right, gang: Twitter is the latest organization to become a "non-traditional publisher."

Will you like it or loathe it? After all, Facebook comes under huge criticism every time it mucks about with users' timelines. And do we really want Twitter to become more like Zuck's baby?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers ask, "What price microblogging?" Not to mention: Rebuilding EDSAC, the first practical general-purpose computer...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Mat Honan makes like a hornet in your ice cream:

Project Lightning [is] a major new feature [which] will bring event-based curated content to the Twitter platform. ... Press [the button] and you’ll be taken to a screen [showing] various events taking place that people are tweeting about...like Coachella [or] the Nepalese earthquake.

Launch one of these events and you’ll see a visually driven, curated collection of tweets. A team of editors...will select what it thinks are the best and most relevant tweets. ... You can also opt to follow an event and have curated tweets blended into your timeline.  MORE

Darrell Etherington muses on the idea:

Twitter’s plan to expand its reach doesn’t require that it also grow its user base. ... ‘Project Lightning’ [is] designed to reach both logged in and non-member audience

Content will include video and images, culled from Twitter, Vine, Periscope and more, and it will be pre-cached in such a way as to load near-instantly. ... For logged out or non-member users, the experience is designed to act as a gateway; users still get a complete experience...and are also drawn to participate with their own content or responses.  MORE

And Andrew Hutchinson is a happy bunny: [You're fired -Ed.]

Billionaire investor Chris Sacca [recently] noted that live events are Twitter’s biggest opportunity.

Twitter has said that they have a great many users who aren’t logged-in – more than double its active user-base, according to some estimates. ... Twitter can seem intimidating, a wall of never-ending text that’s hard to follow and keep up with. Project Lightning fixes that...it is an exciting development, [with] many possibilities...for future development. [It] has the potential for serious impact on the wider social media landscape.  MORE

Would you use it? William Worlde would:

Maybe I’ll finally start using twitter!

I simply hated the concept of "following" ANYONE. ... Why would I ever want to be so mindless?  MORE

But Victor Luckerson thinks he's seen it all before:

With its CEO on the way out, Twitter is planning big changes this fall.

The new feature seems similar to Live Stories on Snapchat, which curate a rolling set of photos and images from users based on a single event.  MORE

So David Pierce pops the bubble:

What Project Lightning represents, more than anything, is the long-overdue death of the Twitter timeline. [It] puts a stake through the idea that Twitter is a social network.  MORE

Meanwhile, Drew Buddie pinches himself:

This is a TOTAL nightmare.

Changing Twitter to save Twitter? I ask you.  MORE

Yet Rick Wilson waxes pithy:

Twitter's slow brand suicide continues.  MORE

And Finally...
Rebuilding EDSAC, the first practical general-purpose computer

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