Free download: Save R data visualization time with these ggplot2 code snippets

Graph using ggplot2 code snippets
Graph by Sharon Machlis using R, RStudio and ggplot2

Whether or not you remember that theme(plot.title = element_text(face = "bold")) is to make a graph headline bold or ggplot(mydataframe, aes(x=myxcolname, y=myycolname, fill=mygroupcolname)) + geom_bar(stat="identity", position="dodge") is for a grouped bar chart, dataviz with ggplot2 can involve a lot of typing. That's why I've got two words for you: Code snippets.

Popular R programming platform RStudio recently added code snippets, and they're a welcome addition. They can save a load of time when visualizing data with R, whether it's from not looking up specialized syntax or cutting down on your keystrokes. The latest version of RStudio comes with some pre-installed code snippets, but it's easy enough to add your own.

I've written several dozen code snippets for common dataviz tasks using the ggplot2 visualization package. These tasks range from simply adding and styling graph headlines and axis labels to writing complete code for plot types I often use but find tedious to re-create. There are also a few bonus snippets for a couple of other packages, such as making an interactive histogram with the ggvis package (like ggplot2, developed by Hadley Wickham) and automatically annotating graphs with directlabels. Register to see a searchable chart of available snippets.

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