12 great iOS 9 features you'll probably use

Apple didn’t show all the new iOS 9 features during its WWDC keynote

Apple didn’t show all the new iOS 9 features during last week’s WWDC keynote, so I’ve gathered together a few favorites that you may not have come across yet.

Move to iOS

Apple is introducing Move to iOS, an Android app designed to offer millions of Android-to-iOS switchers an easy and effective way to migrate all their contacts, message history, photos, videos, bookmarks, email, songs and books to their new iOS device. It will even automatically install any free apps you already use on Android, while putting any fee-based apps on your iTunes Wish List. I think this app will be hugely popular.


This is a great addition. Until now it hasn’t always been easy to find the specific setting you need in order to accomplish some tasks. This changes in iOS 9 which boasts a new Search Settings dialog to help you find what you need – type “privacy” and you’ll see all your privacy controls, for example.

Return to App

You no longer need to use App Switcher or return to the home screen in order to return to previous apps that may have directed you there – Apple has added a “Back to Search” button to the status bar, so you can return in a trice.

Apple Watch battery

A new widget is available in Today view, Batteries. If enabled this will show you the remaining charge in your iPhone and any associated Apple Watch. It’s a little easier than checking battery levels manually on the latter.

Low power mode

Available in Settings>Battery this mode will reduce a whole range of settings (including some you cannot access at anything other than a system level) in order to extend the useful battery life of your iOS device.


Find My Friends and Find My iPhone will now be installed as standard within iOS 9.

Swipe out

While until now when you choose to look at an image in full screen mode you have needed to tap the image and then hit Done in order to return to the host app screen, now you only need to swipe down the display to return to the previous page.

Choice video

Appe has introduced new video choices when recording video or slow motion video on an iOS device. You can now choose between three options for the first (720p HD 30fps, 1,080p HD 30fps, or 1,080p HD 60fps) and two for slo-mo (720p HD at 120fps or 240fps).

iCloud Drive

Apple is slowly progressing toward making iCloud a real file system and the new iOS 9 iCloud Drive app reflects this, enabling you to explore the files you have stashed there. One great addition is the ability to email items you have saved in iCloud Drive from the Mail app: tap and hold the body of the message and an Add Attachment command pops up where you select the correct file.


Notes improves across iOS and OS X. New features include the ability to create folders, a new formatting toolbar and support for titles, sketches, links, Maps and more. Notes is now a much more useful app that conveniently syncs across all your Macs and devices.


I’ve never really got along with the Shift key on iOS. Fortunately this changes in iOS 9, as the letters on the keyboard will now change between lower- and upper case when you toggle the shift key.

Predictive touch

Developer notes suggest iOS 9 will do a better job of figuring out where you meant to tap the display, which should make for better accuracy.

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