The fault, dear Brutus, is in defaults

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Programmer/analyst pilot fish managed the rollout of smartphones with hotspot capabilities to this company's field sales force, so he's now the go-to guy for related issues.

"Sales rep Fred called with an odd problem," says fish. "Hotspot on his iPhone worked fine sometimes and other times not so fine. I asked where he usually had problems."

Fred: "Airports and restaurants, but sometimes it works fine in those places."

Fish: And where do you usually never have a problem with Hotspot?

Fred: "My house, hotels or parked in a rest area."

Fish tells Fred to hold on, then does a quick search -- and discovers that the Name setting on the iPhone is used as the default network name for Hotspot.

Fish: What is your iPhone Name?

Fred: "Fred's iPhone."

"I said, 'Hmm, let's change it to something a bit more unusual. Add the last four digits of the phone number on the end of that,'" fish reports.

"I called him a few weeks later to check on the issue. His problems with Hotspot in crowded locations had disappeared."

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