WWDC 2015: Everything we think we know

OS X, iOS, Watch OS, Swift, Beats and sexism -- everything we now expect from WWDC 2015 in one place...

wwdc 2015 everything we think we know

Apple will open the doors for WWDC 2015 in a few hours, while we wait for events there (which you can follow here in our live blog) here’s a short collection of expectations:

Operating systems

I’ll combine iOS 9 and OS X improvements into one, not because I believe they will become one (I don’t) but because both are expected to be short on new features but high on stability. Apple wants to set the OS foundations for years of future growth and expansion into new markets, from smart homes to smart devices, wearables to data analytics, and beyond

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iPad sales are weak. iOS 9 is anticipated to introduce some new features designed to make Apple’s tablets even more effective enterprise productivity devices, including split screen view, the capacity to run apps alongside each other and the capacity to set up different users on one device. 

Apple TV

Apple had been expected to introduce some form of TV channel solution for Apple TV, but recent claims have said it has pulled back a little due to problems reaching good deals. We may see an App Store for Apple TV where you can acquire new channels as they are introduced, support for Beats music streaming and a new lease of life for the solution as a HomeKit smarthome hub.

Music streaming

Apple has been making huge investments in streaming media since it acquired Beats and Sony Music CEO, Doug Morris tells us the company intends launching the service at WWDC this day (estimated cost $10/month). Additional reports claim the company may become more flexible in its traditional 70/30 split, possibly offering developers a larger slice of the pie. (Apple Music is expected this week in the UK).


Maps will eventually be the service it was intended to be.  Transit support is expected today.


Swift has become an incredibly well adopted programming language since introduction. Expect much improvements in Swift alongside new features including support for ForceTouch, HomeKit, Apple TV and – perhaps most exciting….

Apple Watch

Apple previously promised “Starting later next year, developers will be able to create fully native apps for Apple Watch.” Developers will need tools to create these apps and this suggests an SDK will be in their hands today. Some claim Apple may even introduce a Watch OS for the product as it prepares to make Apple Watch independent of iPhone.

Apple Pay

Expect new country support for Apple Pay, Canada soon, UK later this year – but the real money in mobile payments will be in developing economies, China, India, Brazil. Will we learn more on this at WWDC?

One more thing

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is working to make the world’s largest corporation the poster child for corporate responsibility, putting many governments to shame as he does. Interviewed by Mashable this weekend he promised improvement in the gender balance at WWDC, as Apple puts its energy behind changing a technology environment dominated by white males, bringing women and people of color into the mix. “Inclusion inspires innovation,” after all.

Caveat emptor

Apple just won't have time to do justice to each of these news items in one keynote speech, so don’t expect every expectation to be confirmed. Apple’s next diary entry is likely to be its Fall launch, so get ready for that. And we still expect surprises today.

Please visit later again today when our WWDC 2015: Keynote live blog will be available, bringing you all the news from the event as it happens.

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