User privacy important to Apple -- but not in China

Apple: We value tax loopholes too

Apple CEO Tim Cook recognizes an opportunity when he sees one -- especially when opportunity 'no knocks' on the door like a FISA warrant. Yesterday, Cook made a speech critical of the way rivals -- like Facebook and Google -- exploit user data for profit.

Sure, Cook seized the moment, but he may regret it -- that is, if and when Google ever decides to talk about Apple and China.

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Stuart Dredge finds Cook flinging mud at competitors:

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has delivered his sharpest attack yet on rivals Google and Facebook, with a speech criticising their advertising-supported business models for their disregard for users' privacy.  MORE

Nate Swanner chooses words carefully when speaking remotely :

Speaking remotely to an Electronic Privacy Information Center crowd honoring him last night....Tim Cook had some choice words about how other tech companies do business.

Cook went on to talk about encryption, saying "we've been offering encryption tools in our products for years, and we're going to stay on that path."

It's an argument about whether or not free services are actually worth the price you don't pay. Cook makes solid points, all of which seem squarely pointed at Google.  MORE

Mikey Campbell speaks quite Franklin frank about exchanging security for currency:

Cook took the opportunity to call out Google's new Google Photos to use, but comes with provisions that...turn customer data into a form of currency.

"You might like these so-called free services, but we don't think they're worth having your email, your search history and now even your family photos data mined and sold off for God knows what advertising purpose," Cook said. "And we think some day, customers will see this for what it is."  MORE

Luckily, Juli Clover owns a phone running iOS 8: [You're fired -Ed.]

On encryption, Cook said he believes it's "incredibly dangerous" that some government agencies advocate for unfettered access to consumer data and devices, an issue that's come to light following encryption changes that Apple introduced with iOS 8.  MORE

An Apple cart upsets @sethrubenstein:

Tim Cook getting pissy about privacy while bowing to China to tap that market is the biggest hypocrisy imaginable. Total ********.  MORE

Meanwhile, @brianshall cares about your privacy:

If Tim Cook cared about privacy he wouldn't have every iPhone made in China. Or charge prices that 6 billion people can't afford.  MORE

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