Google Plus is DEAD (oh yes, really, this time it's true, would I lie to you?)

No no no no, it's resting. Beautiful plumage. There! It moved...

google plus not dead
Leo Deegan

After the recent storm of rumors that Google is killing Google Plus, come... uhhh... more rumors that Google is killing Google Plus. Oh brother.

OK then, I'll bite. Let's look at the latest "evidence" that "proves" G+ is dead, shall we?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers either nail it to the perch or let it rest in peas.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

With a snarky "bye-bye," Stephen Hall affects a dig: [You're fired -Ed.]

Cue the “Google+ is dead” jokes, and the following “was Google+ ever alive?” remarks. Google...removed the link to users’ Google+ profile from the top of its many web properties. planning to split the product up into three different services: Stream, Hangouts, and Photos.

If you don’t use Google+ every day, you’re probably either happy or completely neutral. ... For those us that are actually active users of the social network, though, this means the removal of a very handy quick link.  MORE

And Alex Chitu notes other significant changes:

A recent update to the Google+ app removed the Photos section, so you can no longer check your photos from Google+.

Picasa Web Albums, Google+ Photos and the new Google Photos are different interfaces for the same photo library. ... Google can finally retire Picasa Web Albums and replace it with Google Photos.  MORE

But officer Liam Spradlin would like you to keep your hands where he can see them, please:

It looks like Google is performing some surgery.

Of course, while "Google+ is dead" sentiments have been floating around virtually since the service's inception, we'll resist the urge.  MORE

So what's really going on here? Famous Plus-fanboi Mike Elgan knows:

These days Google's biggest risk factor is the company's own fickleness. It launches and promises things, then often either fails to support and improve them, or it kills them outright.

Google+ already had the best cloud-based photo editing tools in the industry. ... It's a stand-alone service now. ... The photo management and editing tools in Google Photos are mind-bogglingly simple and powerful. ... And the machine-learning intensive search feature is jaw-dropping.

There's literally no reason to use anything else.  MORE

Hello? Miss? Google VP Bradley Horowitz nudges the parrot cage, at the behest of his PR maven:

Google’s been into photos for a long time. ... We aspire to do for photo management what Gmail did for email management. ... We heard from our Google Plus photo users that we had great technology, but they didn’t want their life’s archive brought into a social product, any social product. It’s more akin to Gmail...there’s no cognitive burden to actually saving everything.

Three and a half years into this journey, we’re looking at what the users are telling us Google Plus is good for [and] moving aside the things that either belong as independent products, like photos, or eliminating things that we think aren’t working. ... I’m not going to divulge the product plans. You can connect a couple of the dots yourself [but] you’re about to see a huge shift in what Plus is becoming.

Google Plus is not dead.  MORE

Meanwhile, perhaps JR Raphael wonders if Horowitz doth protest too much?

Straight from the horse's mouth: "Google+ will be changing. 

"There's a renaissance in the thinking of what Google+ is and what it is for."  MORE

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