Now it's June. What WAS it I was supposed to do?

Flashback about six months, to the wintry day when this network admin pilot fish is asked to look into a problem with the Wi-Fi signal in an outdoor storage area.

"Apparently the signal was always bad in the winter, but that was never a problem until now," fish says. "While looking at the signal strength with the area supervisor, we found it was quite low. Although the cold weather can weaken the signal, it shouldn't be down this much.

"Upon investigation of the access point in the supervisor's office, we saw it was off. The power bar was OK, so I checked the circuit breaker and found it was off.

"Why? I asked the supervisor.

"Turns out the air conditioner was plugged into another outlet nearby. 'We turn off the breaker in the winter to save power,' he explained.

"I turned on the breaker and unplugged the AC -- and all was good."

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