Well, you know how wild those library parties get

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High-level manager for this public library system submits a trouble ticket for a problem with her keyboard, reports a pilot fish in the loop.

"It seems that random things were happening when she pushed keys," fish says. "It's a relatively new laptop connected to a docking station.

"Tech went upstairs to check out the problem. Sure enough, when pushing keys on the keyboard, no input appeared. Instead, windows started flying around and tooltips kept popping open. Hmm, maybe the keyboard has a sticky Alt key?

"Upon checking the keyboard, everything looked fine, but the tech decided to swap out the keyboard anyway and called downstairs to have someone bring one up.

"Second tech arrived with a brand-new keyboard and an idea -- maybe there was a problem with the laptop's own keyboard, not the external one.

"Tech opened the lid on the docked laptop to find several strings of confetti. The lid had been pushing the confetti onto the keys below, creating the random problems.

"Manager blushed and said her team had thrown her a birthday celebration the day before and some confetti must have drifted onto the keyboard.

"Our question: How come she didn't remove the confetti before she shut the lid?"

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