WWDC 2015: Everything we think we know about iOS 9

Apple's big WWDC dev show is coming up fast

wwdc 2015 everything we think we know about ios 9


We’ve heard reports Apple plans a stability and maintenance release for OS X, and it appears the company has similar plans for iOS 9 as it sets the scene for the next iPhone to deliver 64-bit desktop class performance. (Read more about iPhone 7 here).


9to5Mac imagines Apple may ship two versions of iOS 9, including one designed to run efficiently on older devices that should eliminate long-standing complaints the company attempts to force users to upgrade with each release.


Ever wanted to share your iPad with someone else? iOS 9 promises to support multi-user logins, just like a Mac – though this may not be available on every device.


Working on an iPad is challenging because you must flit between apps; in iOS 9, we hear Apple plans to support split-screen view (this was also anticipated last year).

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Apple has invested heavily in partnerships and technology acquisitions to improve Maps, and now we expect public transit information for some cities to appear in iOS 9. That could include indoor maps of subway stations in some cases.

San Francisco

Apple is expected to replace the existing Helvetica Neue font with the new San Francisco typeface first seen in Apple Watch – there is no good reason not to expect this in iOS 9. What other Watch features might become universal in iOS 9?


Apple wants to prevent access to protected system files on iOS devices to both prevent malware and put up a major obstacle against jailbreaking, according to reports. Expect additional security enhancements across the OS.

Force Touch

Force Touch is the three-button mouse on every Apple device. Surely this makes it an iOS 9 shoe-in? (Tap to wake, anybody?)


iMessage will offer more granular (contact-based, rather than universally applied) controls over things like read receipts.


One recent Apple patent puts presence indicators inside iOS, so you will be able to see which of your contacts is available for a conversation at a glance (presumably if they permit it). That’s a boon for enterprise users.


Apple plans keyboard improvements, including improving the Shift key so you can use it more naturally.


It will be more accurate; offer more languages; support more queries and sport a new design to match its appearance on Apple Watch.


Is it an a la carte music streaming service with built-in music purchase options and enhanced playlist-based music discovery features for iOS and OS X?


We know Apple’s smart home focused HomeKit solution promises wide support for multiple IoT standards. As these products head for releaseApple will introduce Home, an app to rule them all, at WWDC. This may require a hub of some kind (Apple TV, AirPort Express?).


Apple will ensure everyone can install iOS 9 without the huge problems that marred last year’s release.


Get ready to beta test iOS 9 this summer.

One more thing

Thousands of Apple Watch apps are already available, but these need a tethered iPhone to work. Some may recall Apple’s 2014 promise that: “Starting later next year, developers will be able to create fully native apps for Apple Watch.” Now, I imagine the schedule may slip but it makes sense to expect more news on this at WWDC -- it’s a developer event after all.

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