Overcoming the massive friction slowing the Internet of Things

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Just stating that the Internet of Things needs to be standardized is too simplistic. So let's get specific: Standardization must occur in the middle networking layer, and the quickest way to get there is to extend the Internet Protocol (IP) all the way to the end devices that are the "things" of the IoT.

Networking from the cloud to the gateway has already standardized on IP. But from the gateway to the sensor -- the so-called last mile -- it's no-holds-barred. It is on this edge that we find the protocols of old: Zigbee, Zwave, Modbus, Profibus and others. To have an Internet of Things, IP must reach all the way to the device, establishing an end-to-end connection, eliminating all translation in its path.

Standardizing on IP will nourish a new market of standardized components. Selection will be greater and costs will be lower, fueling innovation with efficiency.

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