But then they could reuse the business cards!

One of this organization's sysadmins makes the rounds introducing a new guy to everyone in the office, reports an IT pilot fish on the scene.

"Lord knows we need the help. We've lost four or five people in the past few months," fish says. "During the first staff meeting with him, after going through all the ongoing tasks, the manager jokingly said, 'Make sure you come back tomorrow.'

"The new guy seemed awfully quiet -- when asked 'How's the progress on the capability report,' he just said, 'I got it.'

"A few days later, I heard this guy was gone. I saw him packing his backpack and he left the building. 'What happened?' I asked one of the other admins.

"It turns out they brought in the wrong guy. The other team interviewed two guys with the same name, and they -- not sure if it was HR, the outside talent agency or someone in the management chain -- hired the wrong one. No wonder he couldn't figure out how to map a printer, when asked to sign a form email by HR.

"Now we're wondering, what if they decide to bring in the right one and he doesn't work out either?"

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