Rumors suggest Apple's #IoT Homekit bloatware apps included in iOS 9

Tim Cook: I can say amazing things about Homekit

Homekit -- Apple's answer to 'Internet of Things' buzzspeak -- was introduced with great fanfare at last year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Since then, the project has been bedeviled with development delays and setbacks. However, things may be looking up for Apple. According to an anonymous source, Home -- an IoT app for end users -- can be found embedded like a botfly into current iOS 9 developer builds.

So while Home might already be included as part of iOS 9, many wonder if it's polished enough to be included in Apple's next developer conference in June.

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Caitlin McGarry :

Apple says the first HomeKit devices will be arriving in June, which means you'll need a centralized remote control for managing all of those home gadgets. That will reportedly come in the form of an app built into iOS 9 called, appropriately, Home.  

Mark Gurman's mysterious source reveals more:

[According] to a source, Apple has quietly continued to work on the HomeKit framework and Home app, which could shown alongside iOS 9 at WWDC. The Home application is currently represented by a "house" glyph atop a dark yellow background, and is said to be "fairly basic" in its functionality, including...  MORE

Jacob Kastrenakes :

It's entirely possible that Home is an internal testing app. However, the inclusion of...a series of screens that allows people to find new smart home [dev ices] suggests that this could be an app [intended for public] hands.  MORE

Mallorie Deaton integrates seamlessly with iOS:

HomeKit was first introduced at WWDC last year in order for developers to integrate 'smart' home accessories with iOS. Thus far, HomeKit integration has been lacking.  MORE

But Joe Rossignol can only talk to Siri:

If the Home app is not released...Apple may elect for customers to control their HomeKit connected devices using Siri and accompanying App Store apps from accessory makers and developers. HomeKit partners confirmed to date, among others, include Belkin, Elgato, Schlage, iDevices and GE.  MORE

Nate Swanner has been waiting for Homekit -- longer than anyone imagined:

Release of Apple's HomeKit has taken longer than anyone imagined...features like room virtualization may be why. I just hope HomeKit...encourages more 'Internet of Things' components [working together] rather than...contained Google's 'Works with Nest' program.

While other connected home frameworks exist, Apple's knack for capturing the spotlight with their products might just slingshot the sector forward.  MORE

Meanwhile, @iPhonist11 believes iOS has a bloat bigger problem:

I can't believe Apple will be adding more bloatware to iOS.. to assist with useless Homekit.. My GOD.  MORE

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