The Future of Cloud Analytics….is Now

It's the killer application that will accelerate the coming of a Cloud-only world

Every few years in our industry, we hear proclamations about how the latest technology shift is going to be the one that fundamentally reshapes IT. For the last few years, Cloud computing has looked like a secular movement that would result in all applications eventually moving out of private data centers to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings. However, although it was easy to see applications and development platforms moving to the Cloud, it was difficult to conceive how analytics could possibly move to the Cloud. Relational databases were simply not designed for that scale. It was difficult to imagine being able to access, integrate, and analyze the scale of data created by organizations as a managed service in the Cloud. So the conventional wisdom was that Analytics would be the main reason IT organizations would be forced to deal with hybrid IT architectures for decades to come.

Well, so much for conventional wisdom! The scalability of Hadoop, and the emergence of highly elastic Cloud analytic services like AWS EMR and Redshift, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce Wave Analytics have invalidated the last argument against moving all IT infrastructure to the Cloud. So here’s my own proclamation – Cloud Analytics is the killer application that will accelerate the coming of a Cloud-only world within the next decade.

At Informatica, we are in the business of data – of ensuring that businesses are able to integrate, relate, manage, and secure their data. In my 10 years at Informatica, I have seen the evolution of different analytics platforms – specialized OLAP databases, columnar databases, analytics appliances, Hadoop, and agile BI applications. However, I am convinced that Cloud Analytics is the end state of Analytics for the coming decades – the omega of Analytics so to speak. The infinite scalability, the unbeatable price performance, and the simplicity of offering domain-specific, and user-specific capabilities through the Cloud makes it an unbeatable choice. Cloud Analytics has not just arrived, but it has made an amazing splash and proven that it is here to dominate.

At Informatica, we have built a Cloud Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that is designed from the ground up to support the scalability, reliability and security required for Cloud Analytics. Our customers process over 6 Billion transactions every day using the Informatica Cloud; to integrate data into AWS Redshift, Azure, and Salesforce Wave. Use cases range from sales analytics to analysis of IoT data. It’s exciting to see how Informatica Cloud is fast becoming THE Cloud to connect all Clouds to each other (and even to on-premise applications). It will be interesting to see how iPaaS leaders like Informatica partner with Cloud Analytics vendors to move our industry from a “Cloud-first” landscape to a “Cloud-only” future.


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