Google self-driving car soon set free (and on public streets)

Autonomous road-rage at 25mph

Google just announced its self-driving car will soon be trundling the mean streets of Silly Valley. Recent concerns about the car's safety record prompted a quick response from Google: All crashes were caused by human error. So it sounds as if the good residents of Mountain View shouldn't be too worried while driving on local thoroughfares this summer.

It's too bad Google can't say the same about Chrome.

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Someone's sensitive. Mark Bergen shrugs and moves on:

Here's something that irks Chris Urmson: Sometimes people will get in self-driving cars...and leave with a shrug.

Soon, there may be many more blasé reactions to one of Google's most audacious moonshots.  MORE

Smug and oblivious? Matt O'Brien describes Silicon Valley a self-driving car:

If you're late to work and find Google's new self-driving car in your path, take a deep breath before you flick your middle finger.

[Impatient] drivers caught behind these vehicles might find them a little smug.

They'll be unfazed by your honks, of course, because these cars know the rules of the road and the intimate geography of Mountain View better than you do.  MORE

Straight from the mouth of a jockey-less horse:

Now we're announcing the next step for our project: this summer, a few of the prototype vehicles we've created will leave the test track and hit the familiar roads of Mountain View...with our safety drivers aboard.  MORE

Sam Byford installs software -- on a golf cart:

The prototypes will be running the same software as used by Google's self-driving Lexus RX450h fleet, which formed the basis of the company's research before it announced an entirely original car.  MORE

Finally, Dee-Ann Durbin talks about the pod people:

Google will initially build and test 25 pods, mostly in neighborhoods surrounding its Mountain View headquarters.  MORE

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