Windows 10 must somehow form a family (it was much more than a hunch)

Here's the story. Of Microsoft Windows...

Preach it. Microsoft's VP of Windows Marketing, Tony Prophet, did just that yesterday -- spreading the word about multiple (and we mean multiple) versions of Windows 10 slated for summer release. In fact, Prophet mentioned so many versions and flavors of Windows 10, bloggers can't agree on a count.

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If Mark Hachman asks Cortana to read fine print -- he may not get a response:

Microsoft...formally announced the various versions of Windows 10, tailored for consumers, business and mobile. But buried in the fine print is an important detail: One of the key features, Cortana, won't be immediately available everywhere Windows 10 is sold.  MORE

Tony Prophet preaches, so Woody Leonhard spreads the Good News:

Corporate VP of Windows and search marketing Tony Prophet has just announced what flavors of Windows 10 we should expect to see "this summer."

For those of you who have been following along, here are the high points...  MORE

Mary Jo Foley gets Windows 10 free for a year:

Microsoft said months ago, the company plans to make Windows 10 available as a free upgrade for consumers running Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 8.1 for the first year of [Windows 10]. Some business users -- those who want Windows 10 Pro -- also will qualify for the first-year-free deal, but enterprise customers will not, Microsoft execs have said.  MORE

Microsoft's Tony Prophet tells us about Windows 10, and Windows 10...:

We are making strong progress with Windows 10, and we are on track to make it available this summer. And because we have built Windows 10 to be delivered as a service, this milestone is just the beginning of the new generation of Windows.

There will also be versions of Windows 10...for industry devices like ATMs, retail point of sale, handheld terminals and industrial robotics and Windows 10 IoT Core for small footprint, low cost devices like gateways.  MORE

Multiple versions of Windows sounds so wrong to Mic Wright:

When the OS officially launches there'll be seven main flavors to choose from.

And it doesn't stop there, the enterprise versions will split off into different implementations for ATMs, point of sale, handheld terminals and industrial robotics, just to name a few.

Just when Microsoft excites me with developments like Hololens, it goes and spoils it with more corporate burbling.  MORE

STAT! Nick Statt attaches electrodes to revive a drowned OS:

Windows Mobile is back from the dead.

The company started distancing itself from both Windows Phone and the Nokia brand of its Lumia phones last fall.

From 2000 to 2007, before the arrival of Apple's iOS and Google's Android, Windows Mobile was the world's most popular mobile operating system.  MORE

Meanwhile, @sayonical counts only two versions of Windows:

People on blogs complaining that there are 7 versions of windows 10. Um silly when you walk into a store you can only buy either Home or Pro  MORE

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