Yeah, that's some sort of error, all right

This IT pilot fish working for a school district is notified by a staff member that she can't log on and is getting "some sort of error message."

"I went to look, and the computer reported that it had lost its trust relationship to the domain," says fish. "As I logged in locally to correct this, it reported that the System Restore had completed. Wait...what?

"I asked the staff member what was up. She told me she had deleted some data files, and then decided she might want those back -- so she ran System Restore.

"She noticed it told her that it does not affect data files, but ran it anyway -- after which it dropped from the domain.

"After that, for some unexplained reason, she went to the second computer in her room and attempted the same thing, with the same result. Oh, and the files she needed? They're on Google Drive. And to top it all off, she decided later she really didn't need the files after all.

"As I fixed the second computer, we had a little discussion about technology, where Google Drive actually exists and the correct steps if she ever deletes files she needs again."

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