Happy we could get that cleared-- er, cleaned up

This IT department builds websites for clients as part of its company's services, reports a pilot fish who works there.

"I was working on one new website, and one of our sales team was closely involved," fish says. "I pushed out some web updates and notified the salesperson to review the site.

"When she tried the site, everything looked as it did before. After consulting everyone around her -- and they were all stumped -- she finally came me for help.

"I explained that she needed to clear her cache and refresh the page. Her eyes glazed over. I told her to press the F5 key or right-click and select Refresh, but I could tell she had no idea what I was talking about.

"Seizing the opportunity, I explained that her cache was dirty and she needed to clean it. I handed her cleaner and a rag and told her to clean her computer. I told her to be sure she cleaned her keyboard too -- especially the top row of keys.

"In the process of cleaning her keyboard, the F5 key was depressed -- and she had a clean computer and an updated website."

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