Apple: Our watch has no time for watch apps (TATTOOS TOO)

Apple: Time apps and tattoos are unworthy of our watch

Apple has outdone itself, making its most idiotic counterintuitive app policy to date: Custom watch apps are no longer permitted on...the Apple Watch. This means buyers, expecting to trick out their magic new timepiece with custom watch faces are out of luck. That's not all, new reports suggest tattoos are also disdained by the most amazing watch of all time.

So reading between the lines, it looks like Apple doesn't want any custom art or design anywhere near -- or in close proximity to -- the most incredible watch ever made.

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Adario Strange is the bearer of bad news:

If you were wondering just how creative you'll be able to get with your Apple Watch timekeeper, we have some bad news. Apple is rejecting apps that just tell time, effectively eliminating all custom watch faces on the device.  MORE

But as Jon Fingas points out, there are signs of improvement:

[There] are signs that more watch faces are coming. Apple's help guide suggests that firmware updates could include additional built-in faces. Also, it's important to note that Apple hasn't launched its promised native app kit yet.  MORE

Shaun Nichols reads the fine print:

Apple has banned Watch apps that tell the time from the App Store –- and therefore from fanbois' wrists.

The terms and conditions...state that telling time is a no-go. You'll just have to use the watch faces provided by the Cupertino idiot-tax operation.  MORE

Straight from the incredible horse's mouth:

Watch Apps whose primary function is telling time will be rejected.  MORE

Roger Fingas locks his doors at night:

One owner noted in a Reddit post on Monday that when he wore his Watch on a wrist tattooed with black ink, he couldn't receive any notifications, and the device would lock every time it went dark.  MORE

Meanwhile, wrist tattoos don't rate highly with Chris Welch:

If you need another reason to rethink getting that sleeve tattoo, Apple just gave you one: the Apple Watch doesn't work so well...on a tattooed wrist.

Tattoos with lighter colors seemed to give Apple Watch less trouble, only leading to heart rate readings that were slightly off the mark.

But when you consider [the watch] gets those heart rate readings, this problem shouldn't be very surprising.  MORE

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