23 essential facts from Apple’s Q2 fiscal call

Apple didn’t tell us how many Apple Watches it has sold so far, but did reveal some serious numbers that offer good insight into its plans

As it does so frequently the expression "Apple beat expectations" is becoming meaningless, Apple beat expectations in Q2 2015, with revenues up 27 percent and profit up 33 percent at $13.6 billion.

The iPhone company

  • iPhone sales grew at 40 percent in the quarter; the market grew just 16 percent (IDC).
  • Apple is the iPhone company – the device accounts for over two thirds of company revenue.
  • Apple is now selling 8 iPhones each second, up 55 percent year-on-year.
  • Apple sold 61.2 million in Q2 – that’s the equivalent of one for each man, woman and child in the UK – setting a new Q2 record.
  • 20 percent of iPhone users have migrated to series 6 iPhones.

Android users are abandoning the platform, switching to iPhone at a “higher rate of switchers than we have seen in previous cycles,” said Cook.


Despite the bogus claims that Apple faces stiff competition from low end imitators, iPhone sales climbed 72 percent in China

China is now Apple’s biggest iPhone market, soon it will be its biggest market.

Apple’s Chinese success will soon be followed by success elsewhere, India for example: revenue from emerging markets is up 58 percent year-on-year –

Macs and iPads

  • iPad sales continue to slump – down to 12.6 million from 16.3 million in the last year quarter.
  • Though in terms of cumulative shipments by months since the iPad launched, the product is still doing better than the iPhone was at the same point.
  • Mac revenues are bigger than iPads—Mac generated $5.61b while iPad accrued $5.46b.
  • Mac sales climbed 31 percent in China where PC sales shrank 5 percent.


  • The number of locations accepting Apple Pay has tripled.
  • Apple is moving to embrace digital business processes, the company is working with Box, Docusing, Microstrategy, Revel and ServiceMax to bring new mobile enterprise solutions to iPads.
  • App Store revenue grew 29 percent Y-o-Y.
  • Over 1,000 apps have been developed using ResearchKit.
  • 100 percent of Apple’s US operations and 87 percent of its global operations are powered by renewable energy.

The Next Big Thing…

Apple CFO, Luca Maestri, noted the greater diversity of the company’s product portfolio demands increased R&D spending, but also suggested the company intends developing even more of its software and hardware components in-house, saying:

“We’re also developing some core foundational technologies more in house now than we were in the past. And of course we’re also spending ahead of some of the products that will generate revenues in the future.”

Apple has made 27 acquisitions across the last six quarters – though the company hasn’t yet revealed the identity of these new purchases.

Be in no doubt at all - Apple has even more cards to play this year, hinted the Apple CEO Tim Cook: “We’re on the edge of major changes for media and I think Apple can be a part of that,” he said, as the company sets the scene for its next next big thing.

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