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Computerworld Salary Survey 2015: Get a raise! [video title screen]

The findings from Computerworld's 2015 IT Salary Survey are clear: For the first time in years, tech pros are seeing substantial pay increases. Average total compensation (salary plus bonus) for the 4,800 IT pros who responded to our survey rose 3.6% in 2015, compared to about 2% in each of the preceding three years.

Those gains are driven in large part by companies' burgeoning need for workers with key technical skills such as app dev, security, BI and data analytics, not to mention soft skills like communication, collaboration and business acumen. As a result, many organizations are ratcheting up salaries and bonuses to lure in new tech talent — and to keep the top performers they've already got.

How can you cash in on the trend? Computerworld contributor Julia King spoke to two experts in IT salary negotiations: Suzanne Fairlie, managing director at executive recruiting firm Preston & Partners, and Angela Yochem, global CIO at international logistics provider BDP International, to get their advice. (Note: If you use a Flash blocker, you might need to disable it to play these videos.)

First up is recruiter Fairlie with keen insights for tackling the topic of money in a job interview. Key takeaways: What do interviewers most remember? Numbers, negatives and things that don't fit — so make sure your message circumvents those traps.

Also, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse what you're going to say in the interview. You wouldn't give a presentation without rehearsing, so why do a job interview cold?

Part 2 of Fairlie's interview delves into different ways to break into a new company and provides a reality check on how much leeway hiring managers may have when it comes to salaries. Key takeaway: Never admit that for you it's all about the money.

Next up is CIO Yochem with sound advice for asking your boss for a raise. Key takeaways: Show your value to the company by documenting your performance, and boost that value by stretching beyond current projects. Also, timing is everything.

In part 2 of her interview, Yochem advises taking a close look at the ways you've contributed to your projects, your company and the tech community at large in order to get a complete picture of your value to your employer. Key takeaway: Anticipate and become involved in tech projects that shape the business.

You'll find more tips for getting a higher salary in "IT salaries 2015: Cash is back!"

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